A Human Need 

The only army that shoots it’s wounded is the Christian army.

We departed Klou ‘l Mariar back to Koror. It was hot and humid. We didn’t feel the heat, just cool wind blowing on our faces at high speed – boat ride. Looking toward Babeldaob I could spot the mist lifting out of the greens like clouds. I looked at the young woman sitting next to me, holding her sleeping baby in her arms and thought out loud, “I think when our ancestors left the rock islands heading toward the mainland looking for good soil, they saw the mist and knew where the water was for their families. It’s survival of the intelligence.”  What happened to us? We stopped looking for mists.  We complain and look to government to solve our problems. 

Dr. Eldredge writes, “The journey we are taking is hardly following the yellow brick road. Then again that’s not a bad analogy at all. We might start out in the light, with excitement and hope, but eventually our path always seems to lead us into the woods, shrouded with a low-lying mist. And we ask “where is this abundant life” that Christ supposedly promised? Where is God when we need him most? What is to become of us? 

The cumulative effect of days upon years that we do not understand is a subtle erosion. Life is being sucked out “of us”.  We come to doubt our place, we come to question God’s intentions toward us, and we lose track of the most important part – our hearts. 

Then come the army with their guns. And their holy talk. They come to gloat about their wonderful life armed with holy talk intent to wound you where it hurts the most. You want to say to them, “You need magnets to keep you from floating up into the heavens! Because here on earth there will be sickness and pain and death.  After all perfection does not belong on this earth.” 

Belonging is one of the seven human needs.  People feel like they belong with their holy talk. Memorizing clichés and platitudes as if they are robots.  It’s very unpleasant talking with them.  I just want a normal conversation without resorting to holy talk. I know that God doesn’t want passive followers – no mind – no choice. He wants you to choose him, pursue him and get to know him. You can’t just do as everyone does to feel you belong. No emotion, no passion… just ‘dead man walking’. 

Why is that?  Because we are broken people in extreme denial.  And we are hurting people listening to the lies that all is well once you believe. That you will never be poor or sick. So why does Jesus say, “Blessed are the poor… ” and “the poor will always be with you…” qqa,, and he himself was poor. So many use religion for self-actualization. (Maslow).

It’s also called emotional-health gospel.  No need for inner healing of the past once you believe.

The emotional health gospel assumes that if you have repented of your sins prayed correctly and spend time in God’s Word you will have a sound mind and be free of emotional 

 Like the bumper sticker that says: “Health and Prosperity: Your Divine Right.”  It looks like we had bought into a “healing in the atonement” theology that most mainstream evangelicals reject. Once you’re saved no headaches will ever come to you.  If that’s the case, why bother looking forward to live in heaven where there will be no more pain, no deaths, no more broken hearts and no mote tears.  

Be strong and courageous as God was with Moses and Joshua so he’s with us also

Matthew begins his gospel by calling Jesus Immanuel.  Jesus closes the gospel “I Am with you to the end of the age.”

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