Those who have a great sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.  ~Brene Brown

Most of my growing years I never felt belonging to a place, a home, or a people.  Merle Haggard’s song, “I’m the running kind…” seemed to have been written for me.   I had to force myself to stick around.  I’d rather be alone and lonely than to be in a crowd and feeling like a child standing on the outside, looking in through a glass window.  It’s harsh on the heart of a child.

Life is about receiving and giving – reaching one’s destiny, and helping others reach theirs. It takes belonging to a caring family and to a community of caring men and women that can guide and protect you. In fact, each child needs a few caretakers from each gender. We become mature by receiving what we need at the right time in our development, primarily from parents and other significant people in our community. These people are to be “mirrors” through which God shows us who we are and what we can become. But every mirror is a little damaged or warped so everyone needs more than one mirror to get an accurate image. Because even good parents cannot possibly fill in all the gaps and will no doubt miss something.  We need more than two parents to act as mirrors for us. Without these extra mirrors,  we probably can’t get to know our real  selves. In fact, we will stay stuck at some level of development that is still waiting to grow, be encouraged and nurtured.

No one really mirrored my expressions.  I didn’t see myself as precious but a nuisance that didn’t belong.   Then I found God and saw myself as one belonging.  Big Day.

Renewing our minds with the truth that we are created and loved by the God of the Universe is a journey, not a destination. “I belong to God” takes a long journey from head to heart. I also choose my community of people that will encourage me and nurture me.

Know that joining the family of God involves brokenness. We come to the place where we face the reality that without God’s involvement we have no hope. It is a matter of irrevocable need. With Him there is life… It takes belonging to a caring family and to a caring community. It takes receiving from them and giving to them. It takes a lifetime but there can be “joy” all along the way. Joy is “relationship with your Higher power.” An ever present parent and friend that even in sad or bad time, you still have joy. You’re never alone. We can live with an attitude of gratitude.

You are precious jewel on His crown!

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