Children being nurtured, encouraged to be responsive, and are given freedom to think and express themselve become mentally and emotionally strong. They know when to say NO.

 They know they belong.

I grew up in a very traditional and religious environment.  I didn’t have the  freedom to be me. I became defiant.

It felt like a prison in an open field.  Invisible iron bars were there. When I tried to escape they closed me in.  “OK! God this isn’t working. I don’t feel I belong here. I’m getting outta here.”

I started the journey to find my place of belonging. The more I learned the more I recognized my fears and insecurities.  My studies explained why I was projecting instead of being mindful. (Three signs you are projecting:  Difficulty being objective, getting perspective, and standing in the other person’s shoes.. ). Every word or deed is not about me. That was like chewing gravels … hard to swallow. If I had to grow up and mature as a woman and the first step is humility. I gotta swallow my selfish pride.

I began listening to smart and learned people.  I needed to feed my brain with good written and spoken words. I attended  seminars, read books (2-3¡¡% visiting museums and libraries. I combined vacation and learning in places I’ve never been.

Making learning fun is key to grow. The most important part of this journey was I did it for me. I didn’t do it for approval or acceptance.  It was self-care. Self preservation. That’s freedom.

It’s all in perspective. I belong to me. I belong to the universe.  I belong to my creator. I am FREE in Christ.

Belonging is the feeling of security and support when there is a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity for a member of a certain group. It is when an individual can bring their authentic self to work. When employees feel like they don’t belong at work, their performance and their personal lives suffer. Creating genuine feelings of belonging for all is a critical factor in improving engagement and performance.

In my old age I’m thankful for internet.  I listen and watch  podcasts and lectures in the morning.  I know that there are so much to learn out there and so little time.

As God would have it I found my true self and learned love myself kindly and patiently.  I learned to love my solitude.

There are two groups of people in the world. They are complainers and producers. 

I choose to produce, to give what I can, to love others  unconditionally, to forgive quickly and pray for my enemies. I know I can’t please everyone so I choose my relationships wisely.

Consciously decide to reframe and move your thoughts into a more positive direction.

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