The first bill to “re-align” government ministries has been introduced and passed in its first reading in the Senate and included in the changes is the proposal to increase benefits of disabled and homebound persons and expand the definition of disabled beyond just people in wheelchairs and blind to include people who are unable to get employment due to physical and mental disabilities.
As part of Whipps’s administration’s directive to have government “maximize the effectiveness of government services” and “ensure a people-focused approach”, a bill has been introduced that begins restructuring ministries and services to implement the stated objectives. It’s the first bill to address restructuring with more expected.
Some of the changes in the bill include changing Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce (MPIIC) to just Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Industries (MPII). It would also move Parks and Recreation from MCCA to MPII.
Other changes include changing Ministry of Health to Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHH) and moving aging, disabled programs from MCCA to Ministry of Health and Human Services.
Coordinating Committee on Care for the Aging will also be moved to Ministry of Health and Human Services. Palau National Code will be amended raising monthly stipend for homebound to two hundred per month and for other disabled from $75 to $150. This specific increase if passed, will take effect in 2022.
Archives will move from MCCA to Ministry of State. Code Commission will also be moved to Ministry of State.
Legislative findings in this initial funding say it aims to “maximize effectiveness of government services” and “ensure a people-focused approach.”
Other changes proposed under the Transition Committee report that are expected in the next legislation include moving the Gender office from MCCA under Domestic Affairs of the Ministry of State.
It also recommends moving National Emergency Management Office and the Bureau of Arts and Culture under the Office of the President. President Whipps said at last week’s press conference that these changes will be introduced in subsequent legislations.

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