With Belau Independent Interscholastic Athletics Association (BIIAA) board leadership and schools and  In partnership with Ministry of Education, Palau Track and Field Association, and Palau NOC the BIIAA HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD SEASON will be running along with the Palau Athletics Nationals for 2022.

All 5 High Schools, Palau High, Emmaus-Bethania, Belau Modekngei, Palau Mission Academy, and Mindszenty High School with a total of 147 registered participants (52 female and 95 male High School Students) plus 8 registered Unattached Athletes who are trying to qualify for the upcoming Oceania Championships in Mackay, Australia in early June as well as the Pacific Mini Games in CNMI.

The Nationals comprises 3 different rounds, which are the last week of March 2022(29th-31st) Tuesdays to Thursdays, 1st week of April (5th-7th) Tuesdays to Thursdays, 1 Week off During the Our Oceans Conference, and commences for the 3rd round on 19th-21st April, and top 6 Runners from all the three rounds and top 8 Jumpers and 8 Throwers will advance to compete in the Championships on the last week of April 26th-28th.

Each round consists of 3 days with different events, and this year, we allowed all the schools to enter up to 5 names of males and 5 females for each event, as there’s an increased number of interested participants from each school for specific events.

At the same time, Palau Track and Field Association (PTFA) has confirmed with the Ministry of Education to organize and conduct the 1st ever Cross-Country Season within the Elementary Level targeting students from 5th-8th grade levels, and their season will also commence in April.  It consists of 5 meets, with a distance of 3km (1.86Miles), and we have identified a route in Aimeliik State where the participating schools will meet there every Friday, starting on the 1st of April.  As of today, we have 7 schools confirmed to participate in this XC season, Koror Elementary School, Meyuns Elementary School, GB Harris Elementary School, Aimeliik Elementary School, Ngaraard, while Kayangel Elementary and Angaur Elementary Schools will take part in this event Virtually.  Maris Stella School has shown interest in this event as well, and PTFA is still waiting for their entries.

Their scheduled events will take place on the 1st of April, 8th, 22nd, 29th and 6th of May, skipping the 15th of May because of the Our Oceans Conference.  For more information, check out PTFA fb page and Palau NOC fb page.

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