The Senate has passed on first reading a proposed bill that will create the Boat’s Tourism Authority for Tourism.

Senate Bill No. 11-84 calls for the establishment of an association exclusively for owners of boats used in the commercial tourism industry.

“This association shall serve as a forum to share information, develop best practices, promote safety, ensure compliance with all applicable laws and reach consensus on how to address issues of concerns among boat owners,” the bill noted.

The bill when approved shall be called Boat Owners Authority for Tourism Act, or BOAT.

Membership in the BOAT will be mandatory, especially if you own a boat that carries tourists or commercial tours within Palau. 

A non-member will not be allowed to use the vessel or vessels to take the tourists out.

The Board of Directors which will approve the membership will be composed of seven voting members that include the Minister, Bureau of Tourism, Director of Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection.

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