By: L.N. Reklai

(Ngerulmud, Palau) A proposed Senate bill 10-14,SD2 to create a new Medical Referral Evaluation Board and amend sections of Title 34 PNC , Chapter 3, Section 333, the Medical Referral Committee..

The bill aims to “modernize the Medical Referral Committee membership and create a new Medical Referral Evaluation Board” to evaluate and audit the referral decisions made by Medical Referral Committee and present quarterly reports to Ministry of Health and National Healthcare Fund Committee.


The bill puts forth specific criteria that Medical Referral Committee will base their referral approval on such as patient’s life expectancy, ability to pay cost of medical referral and prohibiting referral of patient determined to be terminally ill.

The newly proposed Medical Referral Evaluation Board will evaluate those referrals to see if they are done in accordance to the law and other required guidelines.

Medical Referral Committee in their letter to Senate Committee on Health and Education lauds their effort but asks that the Senate Committee also take into account exclusion criteria used by the National Health Insurance and private insurance companies for comparative analysis.

Meanwhile, Health Care Fund Governing Committee had issued proposed regulations for the HCF under the Administrative Procedures Act.  The proposed regulations further specify coverage and benefits of the national health care insurance.    [/restrict]