Billionaire Waitt private jet at Palau National Airport

Billionaire and philanthropist Ted Waitt, the co-founder of Gateway, Inc., is in Palau, confirmed President Whipps Jr. yesterday.

Waitt arrived in his private jet two days ago, and upon landing was picked up by a helicopter and taken to his yacht moored off of Malakal harbor, across from Marina Vita.

As a philanthropist and staunch environmentalist, he is the founder of the Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute. Both are founding members of the Blue Prosperity Coalition, a network of NGOs that help governments develop sustainable oceans plans through marine spatial planning and scientific processes.

Minister Steven Victor of MAFE confirmed that the Blue Prosperity Coalition–consisting of several NGOs, such as Conservation International (CI), TNC (The Nature Conservancy), Oceans 5, and others–will be working with the Palau government to assess PNMS effectiveness and ensure that environmental and economic benefits are realized.

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