Bilung Gloria Salii takes control of the House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) of Koror State Government assuming the title of Ibedul and the responsibilities that come with the title, this she said in a letter to chief Ngiraikelau Francisco Gibbons, the second-ranking chief of Koror.

In a letter dated January 12, 2021, matriarch Bilung Gloria Salii tells chief Ngiraikelau, “I am Ibedul and Bilung at this time.  I call the meeting of the council of chiefs.  I approve any work to be done in the HOTL.  The chiefs meet at HOTL and not RIC, which is not a place for the chiefs to meet.”

Earlier on January 6, in a letter to HOTL, she informed them that she has removed the title of Rechucher-ra-Techekii from Alexander Merep and has removed him from the House of Traditional Leaders.  A similar letter from Rimuu Dominica Ngoriak also removed Harry Fritz from the title Adelbairekesoaol and the HOTL.

Ten member chiefs of the HOTL, 6 Ngarameketii, and 4 Rubekul Kldeu, sent letters to both Bilung and Rimuu asking why they were removing their “friends”, saying they have been loyal and productive members of the HOTL for years.

In the letter to chief Ngiraikelau, Bilung said that Alexander Merep has been removed from his seat and should not be called to a meeting of the chiefs.

Furthermore, in the letter, she said that the power of attorney Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons gave Ngiraikelau to transact the business of HOTL expired upon his death and that he does not have the authority anymore.  She tells him that if he wants anything, he should tell her and she calls the meeting.

Meanwhile, a letter from the new Governor Eyos Rudimch to Bilung asked for time to review her request for the honorarium of Ibedul.  He said he has no say on the matters of Idid clan or its chiefs, but since the issue is a matter of law, he needs time to conduct a legal review and asked for her patience and understanding. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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