Bilung Gloria Salii, the highest ranking matriarch of Koror State, fined two more individuals yesterday for derogatory statements thrown against her and for explicit pictures circulating on the internet.
Leah Takeo and her family were fined for derogatory statements she made on Facebook about Bilung while Rosania Iyar and her family were also fined for explicit pictures of her that were circulating on the internet.
Each of the family was fined $1,000 plus one toluk (turtle shell money) and apologized, promising not to commit the offense again.

Leah Takeo, responding to a Facebook post, cussed at Bilung using explicit profanities and other offensive statements, to express her opposition to the fine Bilung had earlier imposed on the participants of video that went viral.  People close to the family said her family was terribly shocked by her comments and went with her to apologize to Bilung.

Explicit photos of Rosania engaging in intimate acts were also publicly circulated through social media.  She and her family also met with Bilung to apologize and pay the fine.

The report of Bilung imposing fines on the people whose intimate video was passed around publicly, received mixed responses from netizens (regular participants of social media).    The response range from immediate outrage at what some feel is infringement on their right to express themselves, to questions of where traditional law ends and democratic government starts, to support of traditional practices as relevant part of what being Palauan person entails.

People close to both Bilung and the families fined reported of the meetings between the various families and Bilung and the complex relationships involved.  The Palauan tradition of family and clan relations came to play at each of the meetings, where party fined is reminded of their place in the traditional hierarchy and their responsibilities within that hierarchy for their community‚Äôs well-being.  (L.N. Reklai)