Koror, Palau – Palau Conservation Society (PCS) was pleased to host staff from Birdlife International this week as the two organizations commemorated over 15 years of partnership. Birdlife is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership with over 120 partners around the world and three million members. Its mission is to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. PCS is the only partner located in Micronesia.


During their time in Palau, Regional Director of Birdlife Pacific Margaret West and her team engaged PCS in a capacity building workshop focused on information sharing, policy, and advocacy. The team discussed protection of threatened bird species such as the Dellerok (Far-eastern curlew or Palauan Money Bird) and critical bird habitats such as the Peleliu Lkes. There was also time to visit Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Kayangel, Peleliu, and parts of Babeldoab.

Birdlife International, in partnership with PCS and various states, has provided support to a number of local projects in Palau. A few notable achievements include: research and field work that led to the establishment of the bird sanctuary in Ngaremlengui, island restoration (invasive alien species) in the islands of Kayangel, and educational outreach regarding the large number of migratory shorebirds that call the Peleliu Lkes home.

As states and members of the tourism industry begin to explore “birding tourism” as a way to generate revenue among bird-loving tourists, the work of protecting birds in Palau has become ever more important. PCS and Birdlife look forward to continued partnership in collaboration with state and national governments. [/restrict]