As the Northern Reef Fisheries Management (NRFM) Project continues and new regulations and management systems are put into place, effort is also being directed at supporting the local communities by providing them alternative livelihoods. [restrict]

The state governments understand the need to provide the community with alternative source of food and income so they have been working closely with project partners such as the Bureau of Marine Resource to get assistance on the development of such alternative livelihood activities. On Saturday August 19, 2017 a team of technical experts from the BMR arrived in Kayangel to build a fish cage for three (3) community members.

The cage will house approximately 3,000 fingerlings of golden-lined spinefoot /rabbit fish (kelsebuul). The rabbit fish will be grown for seven (7) months, where it should reach 6-8 inches in length before they harvest them. Once the Kayangel farms are completed they will move to Ngarchelong where another 3 rabbit fish farms need to be built.

There are said to be 30 potential nationwide fish farms awaiting permit approval. This project is a partnership effort between the Northern Reef Fisheries Cooperative, Bureau of Marine Resources, The Nature Conservancy and Palau Conservation Society. [restrict]