An after-school traditional program was launched on July 24th geared towards 8th-grade students from Koror Elementary School, George B. Harris Elementary School, and Airai Elementary School.

The after-school traditional program will allow the participating students to get a taste of the beauties and intricacies of basket weaving as well as woodcarving.

Each of the schools is being guided by experts such as Bruce Ngirkuteling, Naito Soaladaob, and Vince Blaiyok for woodcarving, while Juliana Shiro, Felicita Ngesil, and Sijune Daniel are sharing their expertise in weaving.

The students meet up with their mentors 4 times a week to work on their projects and once the program concludes on August 20th, the students will display all the items that they made at a venue that will be announced soon.

Feedback from the students has been positive. A Belau National Museum staff said that the kids are very focused on what they are doing while others are excited to work together.

This program was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Belau National Museum as well as the Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation.

The goal of the program is to showcase and preserve the Palauan Culture for the future generation. By: Telbakes Yano

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