The Belau National Museum, the focal point for the National Bird Program, together with its partners, The Palau Conservation Society, focal point for Bird Life International, and Kaudiais, a local community group in Peleliu, launched an Educational Campaign for the Northern Peleliu Lkes during September 10, 2020.  This two-year campaign is funded through the Small Grants Program, Global Environment Facility. The goal of this campaign is to build local (Peleliu) and National support to protect the Northern Peleliu Lkes and other Palau IBA/migratory bird habitats.

During the morning of September 10, 2020, all the students and teachers of Peleliu Elementary School attended a presentation about the importance of Northern Peleliu Lkes prepared by Palau Conservation Society.  After the presentation, the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders and their teachers went on a field trip to the Northern Peleliu Lkes to learn first-hand about the birds at Lkes. Kaudiais arranged ground and boat transportation in Peleliu and provided lunches for the BNM and PCS team.

The children and teachers learned how to identify bird species found in Lkes using binoculars (provided by MOE) and spotting scopes.  Each student was given a small booklet that included shorebirds, coastal birds and forest birds found at Northern Peleliu Lkes.  These booklets were prepared by PCS to enable teachers and students to integrate Northern Peleliu Lkes into their science curriculum.  During the September 10, 2020 visit, we observed migratory birds at the Peleliu Elementary school grounds. Therefore, students can use their booklets to further observe and learn their birds during the peak migratory season in Palau in September and October each year.

During September 11, 2020, BNM, PCS and Ebiil Society’s Executive Director, Ann Singeo, went directly to Northern Peleliu Lkes to monitor population sizes and species diversity. The Ebiil Society plans to integrate migratory bird monitoring into their programs in Ngarchelong.  Field trips are planned for September 25th and 26th and World Migratory Bird Day on October 10, 2020. 

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