Through Bureau of Agriculture’s on-going efforts to strengthen Palau’s food security initiatives from damages of fruit fly infestations, the Bureau on June 25th sent Boisecurity Officers Malas Termeteet and Sadang Osarch to Sonsorol State accompanying Governor Laura I. Miles to disburse fruit fly control bait stations and conduct other invasive survey work.


These dedicated members of the Biosecurity Unit will return on June 30th and will continue their efforts in controlling fruit fly infestations in the other outlaying states.

As of now, BOA-Biosecurity Unit has set up Fruit Fly bait stations all over Babeldaob including Airai and Koror and are in the works of setting up dates to disburse fruit fly bait stations in Kayangel, Peleliu, Angaur, and Hatohobei. [/restrict]