The Bureau of Tourism is in the process of developing one signage to convey all tourism policies including plastic ban.

Along with the airport, signage will be given to three industries; accommodations, restaurants and tour operators.

BOT is currently working with five businesses who will receive first of this signage.

Tourism Director Kevin Mesebeluu did not specify the names of the businesses, however, he said that that these businesses include accommodations, restaurants and tour operators.

“They [businesses] have signed up with us for signage. This signage is not just for plastic but they are like one stop shop for all the major policies we are trying to enforce,’ Mesebeluu said.

He explained that instead of having different signs for every tourism policy, there will be one sign that gives out the message which will be easier for the visitors and businesses to comply.

“The same sign will be repeated everywhere,” Mesebeluu said.

The design team includes the director himself and the BOT team along with Palau Pledge office.

In terms of plastic ban, the BOT is responsible for education and awareness of the new policy.

There is no penalty for the violation of the plastic ban. The ban on plastic was issued last year, while there are businesses that still provide plastic bags, there are also some establishments that have switched to giving out products in cloth bags or cardboard products. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)