Road construction in Medalaii in 2018 (File Photo)

The Capital Improvement Project (CIP) division is working on five major projects that are expected to be completed within next year so that some of them will be fully operational during Palau’s hosting of the Our Ocean 2020.

One of the projects is the $18-million grant aid given by Japan to work in restoring the trash dumpster facilities along the compact road in Babeldaob, in other words blil a dumukang.

Another project being done is the ongoing construction of the new jail facility that is being built between Ngchesar and Airai State. The “one stop shop” building in Koror, which will soon stand across the old Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK) building, is also undergoing construction.

One major endeavor that is also carried out is the maintenance and renovations of venues to be used to accommodate the participants of the Our Ocean 2020 conference. The facilities include Palau National Olympic Center (PNOC) which will hold the main part of the conference, along with public facilities that will be prepared for the “Our Oceans Conference village” such as the civic hall, old OEK building, and Palau Community College (PCC) cafeterias. In doing this project it will extend to the works that will be done for the sidewalks along the Post Office all the way to M-dock, and the installation of pedestrian street lights and benches. The purpose for these sidewalks and pedestrian walking light signs is to encourage people to walk around the areas where the event will take place.

The CIP also has ongoing construction projects for the parks in Koror and Airai side.

The CIP is planning to build more parks around Babeldaob and these places are Ngarbau, Kuabes, Ngerchokl, and Takisal. Among these parks development projects, only one has been completed yet which is the park on the Koror side of the Japan-Palau Friendship bridge. (Kerdeu Uong)