Public safety Director Aloysius Alonz, in an interview with Island Times, apologized for the miscommunication that occurred on September 1 when police failed to assist the entire triathlon event where a Japanese cyclist was reported missing but was later found safe and sound.

Alonz said that officers on duty for the graveyard shift assisted the earlier part of the triathlon event organized by the Belau Triathlon Federation (BTF)but they had failed to communicate about the task to the next batch of police who took over the shift, hence resulting into the lack of police presence for the remaining part of the event.

“Now the shift has changed and they (officers that took over the shift) went on another assignment and there was another marathon that morning for the cancer society and we simply apologize because it was a miscommunication,” Alonz said.

According to Alonz, the officers who took over the day shift had also assisted another event that morning but he was quick to add that that was not an excuse for them.

“We simply apologize because it was a miscommunication,” Alonz expressed.

Island Times previously reported that Japanese cyclist Rynji Ishikawa, who participated in the 40-Km-bike race organized by the Belau Triathlon Federation (BTF), had raised alarm among organizers after he failed to show up at the 40-km post on expected time.

It was later found that Ishikawa went out of the course to look for a vulcanizing shop when his bike’s tire went flat. Ishikawa was later found unscathed by the members of the Civic Action Team, walking with his bike along Ngaremlengui road. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)