Rumors of one of the suspects in the Eisely Richard case getting beaten and burned in jail have been refuted by the Bureau of Public Safety. The Bureau assures that both suspects are well and remain in custody.

Posts and rumors going around on social media claim that Nobby Jay, one of the suspects held in custody (on $30,000 bail) for the death of Eisely Richard, was burned and badly beaten up in jail. The rumors have been going around on social media platforms since last week.

“Not true, they are doing ok,” stated Chief Ricky Ngiraked of the Division of Corrections of the Ministry of Justice in response to the claims.

BPS Director Ishmael Aguon also refuted the rumors, saying that the suspects were in court last Monday and were not harmed.

The two young men, Nobby Jay and Hopkins Ngirailild, were arrested last Sunday and charged for the murder of Eisely Richard.

Both are in custody with bail set at $50k for Ngirailild and $30k for Nobby Jay. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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