The Bureau of Public Safety issued a notice suspending non-emergency services such as transportation of referral patients to the airport and water delivery requests in order to prioritize emergency services.

In the first public announcement issued by the new BPS Director Cary Levitre, it states, “Until further notice, BPS’s First Responders  (namely the Division of Patrol and the Division of Fire & Rescue) will be mandated to develop pathways to cut response times and improve emergency and first responder services.”

Emergency services include “Responding to emergency calls for police service through 911 dispatch; patrolling all public roads and responding to traffic incidents; responding to and combatting reports of fire, maintaining police vehicles, marked patrol units, firetrucks and ambulances as well as investigating the causes of fires and cooperate in criminal investigations, respond to emergencies and provide emergency services in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and dispatch ambulances in response to medical emergencies.”

Appointed by President Whipps, Director Levitre took office this month after being sworn in by the President.

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