Dinner reception for Pacific Partnership 2022.

British Royal Navy represented by HMS Tamar, an off-shore patrol vessel of the Royal Navy, will join Palau, Australia, Japan, and the United States next week in an exercise dubbed Pacific Partnership 2022, “the largest annual multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission” conducted in the Indo-Pacific.
HMS Tamar has been deployed in the Indo-Asia Pacific as part of Britain’s permanent naval presence in the region. According to the UK government site, HMS Tamar and its sister ship SPEY will work with allies and partners across the region “underlining UK’s commitment to security and stability in the Indo-Asia Pacific.”
Press release from the US Embassy in Palau said the team, made up of representatives from all the countries involved, will conduct activities and projects related to humanitarian assistance such as medical services.
USNS Mercy, a 1,000 bed US Navy hospital ship will be part of the exercise providing medical services as well as medical expert information exchanges related to “pediatric care, maternity care, neonatal care, intensive and critical care, mental health for military veterans and physical therapy.”
Japan’s JMSDF(Japan’s Maritime Self-defense Force) destroyer Kirisame with 180 crew members, also part of the Pacific Partnership 2022, will be anchored off Malakal harbor next week. They will also conduct goodwill exercises with Palau such as friendly softball games, music, judo and other activities promoting friendship between Palau and Japan. One hundred and forty (140) personnel from the ship are expected to come ashore to participate in the community activities and enjoy shopping and dining while on island.
Taiwan Coast Guard with 37 crew members will also join the exercise from the 16 to 19 as well.
“Pacific Partnership reflects our deep commitment to the people of Palau and the region. We welcome the opportunity to work and learn from one another as we continue to work for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific,” stated US Ambassador John Hennessey-Niland.

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