$10 fee to transfer a registration of a vehicle to new owner

By: L.N. Reklai

June 29, 2016 (Koror) Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) received its funding appropriation of $305,000 when President Remengesau Jr. signed SB 9-61 into law RPPL 9-60, on Wednesday.  The BSCC funding which lapsed under RPPL 9-47, was a rider on Vehicle Registration bill SB 9-61.


“Belau Submarine Cable Corporation is tasked with important mandates to put together a plan for opening up the internet market and to ensure that submarine cable connection is completed by 2017,” stated President Remengesau, of the need to have BSCC funded.

The bill also amends 42 PNC allowing for annual vehicle registration fee to be transferrable.  The amendment allows a person obtaining a car from another to just pay a $10 transfer fee and have the vehicle transfer to his/her name if the vehicle registration has not expired.

Before signing of this law,  each time a person acquires a vehicle from another whether by purchasing or receiving as a gift or by other means, that person is required by law to register that vehicle under the new owner’s name, and pay vehicle registration fees at state and national level.  This change will now only require the new owner to pay $10 transfer fee if the vehicles registration from previous owner is still valid. [/restrict]