By: L.N. Reklai

A  House bill to develop national street names and home address system is referred back by President Remengesau for further consideration.

“The capacity and need for uniform street and address system is evident as are the benefits…and time has come for implementation,” stated the President Remengesau in his referral letter.


The referral letter asks the House to reconsider the timelines given to PALARIS to implement the project, the need for clearer guidance given to States to name streets in systematic manner, and lack of capacity at PALARIS to immediately implement this program and budget constrains.

“While PALARIS has extensive Geographic Information Systems technology, it does not have any direct experience developing a house numbering system or rulemaking as this bill would require.”

The letter urged clearer guidelines for naming streets to guide the States in naming their streets.

President Remengesau added that he believes that PALARIS is the right agency to develop such program but it needs flexibility of time and budget resources to obtain expertise and to properly develop a systematic street name and home address system. [/restrict]