From June 22nd to 25th, Japan’s Junior Chamber International (JCI) visited Palau for a special week of festivities, music concerts, learning and fun. JCI is a nonprofit organization of young active citizens aged 18 to 40 who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities.


Nearly 1,600 spectators filled Ernguul Central Park on Friday, June 24th for a special Palauan Night Market with the Japan-Palau Friendship Festival and Pacific Roots Fest. The Japan-Palau Friendship Festival featured the JCI Tokyo with booths, free prizes and games, including the bouncy ball scooping game, target shooting, quoits,  and other fun activities.

The Pacific Roots Fest featured local Palauan and Japanese singers Taka and the Rock Island Tour Company’s own Masato, as well as JCI’s Arai. As well, the Ngermid Dancers performed the Delal a Ngloik beautifully that evening. Stealing the show, Chan Mika, a Japanese singer/songwriter, born and living in Yokohama, gave an energetic singing performance. Chan Mika has received numerous awards including “Best New Artist” on iTunes Japan’s Best of 2012 in the Reggae category with her original music. For more information, view

Also during the Night Market event, the regular vendors were selling T-shirts, jewelry, delicious food, and souvenir products. In addition, the all-states table featured tasty Palauan cuisines and snacks. Kayama, Neil and Kimie opened the evening’s entertainment as the sun set in Koror. The Night Markets provide small businesses with the opportunity to display and sell their products. During this June 24th Palauan Night Market, there were a total of 16 vendors who sold  a total of $8,701.83 of their products.

Sumo wrestling is one of Palau’s favorite Japanese sports, and on Friday, June 24th from 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Belau National Gym, elementary school students from public schools in Palau attended the Wanpaku Sumo Demonstration for kids. There were great prizes, including Nintendo DS Game systems and medals. JCI members provided the demonstration and gave the opportunity for the students in grades 4 to 6 to try Sumo Wrestling.

Other activities during the week included a courtesy meeting between JCI President and Members and the Office of the President Chief of Staff Secilil Eldebechel. In addition, the JCI team conducted a Youth Business Study on Thursday, June 23rd which included a presentation and activities about the basics of marketing and how it could help the youth reach their goals.

 If you would like more information, or would like to display and sell your products at the Night Markets, please call 488-1930/2793 for more information. [/restrict]