The telecommunications sector, which is based on the concept of “shared infrastructure, shared cost,” has steadily improved since the passage of the Telecommunications Regulatory Framework of 2017 (RPPL 10-17) officially made high-speed internet available to the Republic of Palau only nine months ago.

This month, thanks to the success of Palau’s growing telecom market, the Internet capacity made available by Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) to each Internet service provider is being doubled at no extra cost, allowing each provider to immediately begin providing faster Internet at lower rates.

Additionally, the Republic of Palau is proud to announce that the Telecommunications Association of Palau (TAP) has agreed to a set of initiatives designed to improve the telecommunications capacity in the Republic of Palau.

TAP consists of the three retail service providers in Palau—Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC), Palau Wifi, and Palau Telecom—and Belau Submarine Communications Corporation (BSCC). BSCC, which owns the fiberoptic cable connecting Palau to the world, exists for the sole purpose of providing Internet capacity to retailers at the lowest possible cost. As a result of TAP’s joint efforts with the Government of the Republic of Palau, significant improvements are being made so that Palau’s schools, medical facilities, businesses, government offices, and NGOs are able to make the most of the Republic’s rapidly improving national infrastructure. This agreement is a giant step toward this goal.

TAP members have also committed to an open interconnect regime, and will network with other Pacific island nations to develop a shared satellite restoration solution to mitigate any unforseen breaks in the cable.

This week marks a significant step forward in the advancement of Palau’s ICT sector. The government of Palau thanks TAP for their continued efforts in bringing Palau into the digital age. (PR)