Senior Citizens Centers of Koror and Peleliu each receive a wheelchair-accessible vehicle from a Japan-based non-profit organization on September 6.

Impac Tour Manager Yoshihiro Ishikawa told Island Times that two wheelchair-accessible vehicles have been donated by the Asia Child Support to the centers with the help of their company.

This is not the first time that the benefactor from the Asia Child Support, Mr. Tetsuro Ikema, who is Chairman of the Japanese organization, has extended help in Palau, according to Ishikawa.

Previously, Asia Child Support had also donated 50 wheelchairs and 300 radios for the Senior Citizens, Ishikawa said.

Community and Cultural Affairs Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton, in a meeting with Chairman Ikema two months ago, had expressed about the Senior Citizens Center’s need to have wheelchair-accessible vehicles which then prompted Ikema’s organization to donate the said vehicles.

The Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs and Peleliu Governor Temmy Shmull, who was present during the handing of the vehicles, expressed their gratitude for the support extended by the group.

Governor Shmull, in an interview with Island Times said that they appreciate the generosity of the Japanese organization for donating the vehicles.

“This is very useful for our elderlies. It will be able to take them to places,” Shmull said, adding that this will help the elderlies in moving around the island.

“The old people, they spend most of their time at home. Now, they will be able to get on this van and go to the other side of the island and go swimming or basically just take them around town,” Shmull added. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)