“ Ngaraard State Governance Clinic: Legislative Strengthening Program”

On Wednesday, 30th of March 2022, the Governance Clinic, Legislative Strengthening Program with the House of Delegates and Ngaraard State Government was held at the NgaraChamayong Cultural Center.

The Governance Clinic Legislative Strengthening Program is a joint partnership between the Ministry of State and the House of Delegates with the aim to strengthen capacities and awareness surrounding each State’s respective Legislative Rules of Procedures. This Governance Clinic Legislative Strengthening Program is to provide support to the members of the State Government Legislative bodies to strengthening their capacities and understanding surrounding their daily work to represent their constituents in deliberating their communities’ interests during promulgation of state laws and policies. This Program has been going on for some years now and has been delivered in various States such as Ngeremlengui, Ngatpang, Ngardmau, and Aimeliik to name a few.. The Program is anticipated to be delivered in States that have recently completed their respective State elections.

In attendance of this program is the honorable Speaker Anastacio from the House of Delegates and his staff. The honorable Governor Sakuma from the Ngaraard State with Legislator John Temengil, Legislator Nestralda Mechaet and their staff. The honorable Minister Aitaro with the Bureau of Domestic Affairs’ Division of State Team.

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