Second week of Belau Youth Sports Festival and the teams are heating up. The week started of with athletic events, Basketball, Softball and Tennis. Team black took the top spot of Basketball on the ages of 9-12, Team green on ages 13-15 while Team Red Americas conquered the ages 16-19 with 6 out of 7 games played. Tennis concluded early this week with Team red on top followed by Team Black in second, Yellow in third, Green in fourth and Blue in fifth place. Teams are competing each individual sport to earn points that will be tallied to their overall team points to determine the champion.
Athletics, Softball, Volleyball, Swimming and Wrestling are still ongoing until the end of the week. The last event will be the Athletics 100m and Relay finals followed by the games Closing Ceremony.
Closing Ceremony will be this Saturday July 25th, 2020 at 5:00 pm at the Palau National Track & Field.
Games Schedules and results are available at Palau National Olympic Committee website at or Palau National Olympic Committee Facebook page. For more information about the game you may contact our office number at 488 4491 or via email at
Elias Melairei | Sports Reporters

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