On July 21st at the Palau Election Commission Office, two candidates running for office filed their nomination petition on the first day of the lunar cycle, the new moon.
The first one to file on that day was Minister Umiich Sengebau who was accompanied by his supporters.
Later in the day, Vice President and Minister of Justice Raymond “Arnold” Oilouch filed his petition in the presence his children, his wife and supporters. He is the first among the presidential candidates to file his nomination petition.
Both candidates chose to file their petition on the day of the new moon. Palauans believe that the new moon is a sign of good fortune and conducive to success.
So far, 8 candidates for the senate have submitted their nominating petition, 4 candidates of the House of Delegates have filed, and only 1 presidential candidate has filed his nominating petition. August 5th is the deadline for candidates to submit their nomination petition.

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