The Canoe Association of Palau (CAP) board met on August 17th to look at the progression of paddlers and canoe program schedule for the remaining year in the lead up to the 2018 Micronesian Games.  The CAP  board agreed to confirm Mr. Tino Faatuuala as the National Coach for canoe programs, with Debbie Toribiong as the women’s coach, Jimmy Jonas and Bill Tony as junior coaches.  In addition, a coaching course scholarship from International Coach Federation for K1 program was offered to CAP, and Bill Tony was selected to attend the coaching course in Cook Islands from September 15-18 this year.


The main agenda of the meeting was the upcoming Micronesia Cup in Guam, scheduled for October 26, 27, and 28th this year.  This is the 19th Annual Micro Cup and Palau is looking to send about 25paddlers to attend the three day event.  This year’s Micro Cup in Guam is offering Canoe events for Open Men and Women, juniors, and masters divisions as well.  The events for the canoe race are sprints 1000meter, 500meter and long distance races.  Paddlers interested to participate in any canoe programs can stop by at the Canoe Venue at Meyuns Ramp on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and talk to Coach Tino Faatuuala.  The Board has also confirmed that for paddlers selected to the Micro Cup event must contribute and provide $200.00 to   help with airfare, accommodations, meals and transport.

Other Canoe news, is the annual meeting for Canoe Association of Palau is now set for 2nd week of November this year and Canoe has been confirmed as one of the sport in the 2018 Micronesian Games where Palau and Canoe Association of Palau will be sending top paddlers to the sub-regional program.  The Canoe paddlers and officers also extend a big “thank you” to all our partners, sponsors, families and friends at the Meyuns Venue and Skojio for allowing us the place at Meyuns to continue our paddling program.  A big thank you to all Governors and Palau leadership also for their commitment and strong support to our Canoe program. [/restrict]