Early evening before national primary election, a car accident occurred in front of Kwik Mart at Ngerchemai, Koror, resulting in heavy damages to a dark blue mazda car bearing a Ngarchelong license plate.

The car was speeding from Topside, hitting two other cars and a rock in front of Kwik Mart and flipping over according to eye witnesses. The accident was very loud that it attracted attention from people nearby. According to an eye witnesses, there were 3 guys inside the vehicle.

No one died from the accident, however the driver was reported to have seriously injured his foot while a passenger had trouble breathing.  One of the people that got hit by the mazda car was a lady and she only sustained minor scratches according to the eye witness.

An ambulance was called to take the injured driver and passengers to the emergency room. The vehicle was removed from the scene a little after the accident occurred.

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  1. If this is a DUI – they need to go to jail !! lets not wait for an innocent to get killed before we act … and their passport taken and they should never travel outside of home …. Sumang !!!!

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