27 donated children's car seats arrived from the United States, result of a drive to provide car safety for children. A bill to require children's car seats and wearing of seatbelts introduced in the Senate.

A bill mandating child restrains (children car seats) and wearing of seatbelt in moving vehicles proposed by President Surangel Whipps Jr. has been introduced in the Senate as SB 11-36.
The bill cites that number of injuries and deaths occur each year due to people not wearing seat belts while in moving vehicles.
It states that seat belts, if properly worn, can provide protection against injuries from the force of impacts as well as protecting against impact of airbag deployments. The bill also mandate child restrain systems (children’s car seats).
A Palauan donor in the United States held a drive for children’s car seats this year to donate to Palau in support of child safety. Many Palauans overseas supported the drive and 27 children’s car seats and boosters were donated and shipped to Palau. Island Times was informed that the shipment of car seats is on island already and will be distributed soon.
A similar bill introduced during the 10th government, passed both houses of OEK but was referred back. One of the reasons cited for referral was the high cost of children’s car seats.
The bill as it is written now, will allow one year of adjustment, for people to learn to comply with new requirements for safety in moving vehicles. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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