Two Chinese nationals were charged for Bribery of public official in two separate cases this month.  Both were charged for attempting to bribe a police officer to avoid traffic citation.

According to police affidavits, in September 2019, Officer OJ Jason Brel and Officer Ngiraswei on routine patrol noticed a vehicle with Koror license place with defective headlight travelling near Rock Island Café.  They pursued the vehicle and stopped it in front of PPUC Office in Ngerbeched.

The driver was asked to provide his license and work permit.  He provided his work permit and driver’s license with 2 $10-dollar bills.  His work permit which stated his name Xinglong Shuang, was valid work permit.  He was arrested and at the police station through an interpreter, waived his rights and admitted to trying to give the officer $20 to bribe his way out of a citation.

In a similar situation, a vehicle with defective headlight bearing Airai license plate was stopped on December 24, 2019.  Upon stopping the vehicle, officers told the driver Ms. Ying Chen that she has been pulled over due to her defective headlights.

A citation was given to Ms. Chen which she refused to sign, according to the report.  Instead she clasped officer Brel’s hand and placing in it $20 dollars.  She was then taken to the police station where she was read her rights.  Ms. Chen exercised her right to an attorney and was released.

Both cases were filed this month, each on two counts of Bribery and Operating Vehicles With defective headlights. (L.N. Reklai)