The Civic Action Team (CAT) currently deployed in Palau had completed several projects related to community construction, technical assistance, and community relations services within half the period of their six-month deployment in Palau.

Based on the data sent by CAT to Island Times, the team had been able to accomplish five community construction projects namely the Ngardmau School Water Catchment System, a UXO range for the Palau National Safety Office, an animal shelter in Ngiwal state, a walkway for Airai Elementary School, and another catchment system for Kayangel elementary school.

The CAT had also conducted 70 technical assistances at the request of the people from the community, among these is the repairing of local vehicles.

CAT had also trained 11 Palauan apprentices in construction, mechanic or admin fields and one of them had already completed the training.

The Team also goes to Peleliu and Angaur every month to maintain World War II monuments and at the same time, conduct medical clinics for the residents of the islands.

Meanwhile, the CAT also supported various activities such as the annual triathlon, marathon, multiple 5K and 10K events, among others. On top of these, they also read to school children at the library, teach Physical Education at Maris Stella for the semester, clean the dock in Meyuns, run a free fitness program every Monday through Thursday and support other local functions.

Last May 25, the CAT celebrated their accomplishments within the three months of stay in Palau by hosting the halfway party.

The current team stationed in Palau will complete their deployment period by August. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)