By:L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) Mindzenty High School and Maris Stella elementary school received Initial Accreditation from Accrediting Commission for Schools-Western Association of Schools and Colleges of the United States of America (ACS-WASC).


One of the seven accreditation commissions in the United States, ACS-WASC covers California, Hawaii and Pacific territories.

The process of accreditation started last year in April, according to MHS principal Father Rich McAuliff.  The process is rigorous and involved all stakeholders, parents, students and teachers.  It involves assessment of structure, organization and history of the schools as well as curriculum, instruction and assessment process.

“I told our teachers, this is not a job well done but a job well-begun,” said Fr. McAuliff.  This is a process that requires 3 years and 6 years peer review that allows the school to ensure that it remains on track with its objectives.

According to Fr. McAuliff, all school documents including transcripts will bear the stamp of  WASC showing that it is an accredited school.

“It validates the school and what we stand for.  We will be keeping track of our progress and know that there will be objective review provided by our peers,” added Principal Fr. McAuliff. [/restrict]