cannabidol strand

CBD (cannabidiol) oil extracted from cannabis or marijuana, sold online through Amazon or other sources may contain THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) which is illegal in Palau, says NEA Director Ishmael Aquon.

According to Aquon, not all advertised CBD oil are THC free.  NEA has test kit that can test CBD oil for THC.  “If the CBD oil you order is tested positive for THC, you can be charged for it.”

The concern, Aquon said, is not knowing the exact strength of the product based on the fact that it has changed form and that it is more concentrated.

Other concern cited is the growing trend of mixing different products to try to achieve better or stronger effects and with CBD, not a lot of studies have been made on the effect it has mixed with other drugs and impact it may have on people.  One such example is that of mixing tramadol with marijuana and with vaping.

“No one knows how this may affect people,” stated Director Aquon.

CBD oils are usually used by people as natural alternative for pain relief among other symptoms.

The CBD oil currently sold at stores in Palau do not contain THC according to Aguon but some that have been received through online orders have been tested positive for THC. (L.N. Reklai)