Inis Remoket, the former husband of Jaycee Ochob Iyar, who was charged for a second time with the murder of his wife, has been in custody awaiting trial for over 3 months due to his inability to post bail of $5,000 dollars.

Defendant Remoket’s attorney filed a motion requesting that bail be reduced from $5000 dollars to $400 dollars as the defendant can not afford the $5,000 bail.

The court last November denied the defendant’s request saying that the defendant only cited the inability to pay in the request for bail reduction but did not address the factors the court took into account when setting the bail amount.

In the Republic’s argument against bail reduction, it stated that “charges of Murder in the Second Degree and Manslaughter are of such seriousness that a high bond must be considered.”

Inis Remoket was charged for the second time for the death of his estranged wife Jaycee Ochob Iyar, who disappeared on the night September 17, 2016.  In July of 2017, government moved to dismissed the case against Remoket with prejudice due to lack of evidence proving his guilt beyond reasonable doubt.  On September 16, 2018, human bones were found at the bottom of the sea near KB Bridge tied to a rebar and concrete.  The bones were sent to United States FBI lab and were confirmed to be bones of the missing woman Jaycee Iyar.

On September 25, 2019, three years and seven days after the first disappearance of Jaycee Iyar, her estranged husband Inis Remoket, was again charged with Murder in the Second Degree and Manslaughter for her death.

Mr. Remoket was remanded to Koror jail on September 26, 2019 and has remained in jail since then unable to post the $5,000 dollar cash bail while awaiting his trial. (L.N. Reklai)