August 3, 2023, 01:00pm-01:30pm

It is a pleasure to be with you as we award a U.S. State Department grant to strengthen the capacity of Palau’s law enforcement in the management of weapons and ammunition.

Vice President Sengebau Senior, Norwegian People’s Aid Country Director Wyles, and other distinguished guests.

This $60,000 grant will help ensure the safety and security of Palau by assisting in armory organization, weapon storage and destruction, and the sharing of best practices for safeguarding the security and accountability of firearms and ammunition.

We are pleased to award this grant to the Norwegian People’s Aid to assist the BPS in these efforts.

NPA’s extensive experience in implementing weapons and ammunition management programs worldwide and your close relationship with Palauan authorities since 2015 are assurance that this program will exceed its goals.

All of us here are aware that stockpiles of excess, poorly secured or otherwise at-risk conventional weapons pose a serious challenge to peace and prosperity.

The governments of the United States and Palau are united in our shared commitment to safeguard the security Palau’s residents.

The best practices BPS will implement with the assistance of NPA will reduce the likelihood that weapons and ammunition will fall into the wrong hands and protect civilian populations from deadly hazards. 

Thank you to the Bureau of Public Safety and the Ministry of Justice for this opportunity to contribute to the safety of the residents of Palau. 

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