December 7, 2018 marks the one-year anniversary of Palau’s international fiber optic connectivity, and it’s time to celebrate a year of huge speed increases, more options for accessing the internet, and more affordable services.

When Palau’s international fiber optic cable launched on December 7, 2017, PNCC hit the ground running, thanks to over $6 million invested in upgrades for the domestic network that supports internet and mobile services.  The new international fiber optic connection brought a huge increase in international capacity and enabled faster, more affordable services compared to the limited and expensive satellite technology available up to then.

Also during 2017, PNCC upgraded all cell sites in Koror and Airai to 4G technology in preparation for the advent of the international fiber.  4G service can provide up to 40-60 Mbps or higher download speeds for mobile data through cellphones, or up to 4-6 times faster than 3G speeds.

When the international cable was launched last December, PNCC immediately increased Internet DSL speeds to be eight times faster.  Speeds for HomeNet and WiFi Hotspots were increased to 2 Mbps.

A year later, PNCC has further increased download speeds for all Internet services.  Business broadband DSL speeds are up to ten times faster than a year ago with a new multi-year plan, Home DSL is now up to 20 Mbps (also ten times faster), and WiFi hotspots are five times faster, at 10 Mbps.

During 2018, PNCC has invested in more network upgrades including expansion of cell sites and other IT infrastructure improvements.  All cell sites from Kayangel to Angaur have been converted to offer mobile data service.

Also during 2018, PNCC has focused on introducing more convenient and affordable options for Internet access, including:

  • Higher data allowances for prepaid mobile data plans up to 8 Gbps for 30 days
  • New prepaid bundle plan with mobile data, voice, and text
  • New $5 Airtime card
  • New postpaid data plans for 775 accounts for as low as $20 per month for 10 Gbps
  • New, always-on high-speed DSL at home, 20 Mbps for the premium plan plus a new $60 plan for 5 Mbps
  • All corporate DSL customers were converted to higher-speed VDSL service with the option of multi-year agreements for as low as $100 per month.
  • WiFi Hotspot speeds increased to 10 Mbps, and a new $2 for 2 Days unlimited Internet card was introduced.

To help customers get onto the 4G network, PNCC also began selling affordable 4G smartphones under $100, plus payment plans for high-end smartphones like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

“PNCC is Palau’s only full-service telecommunications provider that offers customers so many options for super-fast internet access, nationwide,” commented Acting General Manager Leo Ben Teriong.

“We call it ‘super-fast internet for everyone’ – customers can choose mobile data, Home DSL, business broadband including high speed VDSL and Fiber to the Premises (FTTP), and more than 200 WiFi Hotspots,” he added. (PR)