The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) had extended support to a Palauan woman who is set to go to Taiwan for medical treatment after she was previously diagnosed of cervical cancer.

MOJ had donated cash to Dilmei Ngirchelui yesterday, December 6, at the Ernguul Park during a fundraising activity conducted by Omub, PCAA, and the Koror State Government to help her raise $5,000 for her medical expenses.

Ngirchelui was diagnosed of cervical cancer last year and had already sought medical treatment off-island but she is bound to go on a follow-up treatment at the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.

Those who are interested to support Dilmei can contact Omub at 488-4621, Ann Lund at 779-3118, PCCA at 775-5876, or Jose Ise at 775-1524.