A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on November 13, 2023, to mark the successful completion of the Fishers Learning Center located at Ngetmeduch Park, Koror. The Center- a product of the public-private partnership between Uchul A Chei Fishers (UACF), Koror State Government (KSG) and OneReef Micronesia (OneReef) established early this year- is an alternative learning space for Palau’s youth.

With the rapid aging and passing of traditional knowledge-holders, there is a profound sense of urgency to transfer traditional knowledge to the youth population. Traditionally, the cultivation of good stewards begins in the home. Once children reach maturity, this responsibility shifts to traditional gender-based groups, cheldebechel, at village farms or canoe houses that deliver instruction in voyaging, fishing, farming, hunting/gathering, food preparation, medicine, construction and other relevant pursuits associated with the survival and subsistence of the community. As modern educational systems and curricula become more prevalent, the transmission and application of traditional knowledge and practices are steadily declining. These non-conventional learning spaces are critical for the perpetuation of traditional knowledge and practices.

Moving forward, the Fishers Learning Center will be a home for activities where youth can indulge in the unique skills of our people, learning from traditional experts, elders, and other local practitioners, and strengthen their cultural identity and Palauan pride. The public is highly encouraged to participate when the events roll out. For more information, please contact KSG State & Cultural Affairs Department at 488-2439.

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