A charter flight to Bangladesh via Malaysia is being organized by Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism & Development (MHRCTD) to assist Bangladeshi non-resident whose contracts have expired, completed or terminated to return home.

According to an announcement issued by the MHRCT&D, they need 80 individuals to sign up no later than Friday, August 20, 2021 at the Division of Employment (formerly Labor Office).

The Ministry is urging employers who are waiting to repatriate Bangladeshi employees to sign up by the deadline.

This week, 16 Bangladeshi non-resident workers were able to leave on the charter flight chartered by private individuals to repatriate Chinese nationals in Palau. 

Minister Ngirai Tmetuchl of MHRCT&D reported that the charter was able to accept the Bangladeshi workers and because the non-resident workers were already vaccinated, and were exempted from the mandatory quarantine imposed by their countries.  The cost of the return flight was $2,000 USD per person which included COVID-19 testing prior to boarding and all the required PPEs for travel.

The price was expensive but Minister Tmetuchl said it would have been more expensive if the employees were not vaccinated and would be required mandatory quarantine in hotels.

To sign up, employers or employees have to submit copy of valid work permit for departing employee, copy of valid or expired passport and copy of COVID-19 Vaccination Report Card.

For more information, employees or employers may call 488-2497 or 488-4331 for assistance.

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