By: Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

A charter flight from Taiwan to Palau and back is finally confirmed for Tuesday June 15, 2021 after it was previously postponed.  The flight will return Palau medical patients that have completed treatments, Palauan students, and Embassy staff to received their covid vaccines and return them back to Taiwan with new medical referral patients.

“We’re past planning for it; it’s already confirmed” said President Whipps at this week’s press conference.

He further revealed that upon its return, it will be carrying few referral patients to Taiwan for medical treatment. “Only 6 are going there because that is what they are allowing for now” stated Whipps.

As originally planned, this flight will be bringing stranded Palauans and medical patients who have been due to return home these past weeks.

Palauan students, Ambassador Dilmei Olkeriil and embassy staff are also invited to join this trip to Palau to get vaccinated at Palau’s airport then return to Taiwan. Students planning to come home for the summer are also welcome according to the President.

Whipps shared that “Over 60 passengers will board this flight. About 30 will get vaccinated and return while half of them will stay. That was the rough estimate”.  Costs of students and Palauan embassy staff vaccinations will be covered by the government.

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