visited Palau for JICA PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM “Belau Eco Glass Studio (Glass studio recycles used glass bottles) business development track”

“The Belau Eco Glass Studio” was launched by the Koror State Waste Management Office in 2015 to produce a glass work. In September 2021, a large new glass studio The Belau Eco Glass Center established under JICA Partnership Program.

The activities of the center include the production of glass works using variety of techniques such as glass blowing, burner work, sandblasting, kiln work and so on.
They also produce cups, vase, and plates while reusing waste glass they collected at the recycling center.

Since the end of June, the mission from Japan has been visiting Palau to conduct a survey as part of the JICA project.

Chief Director of Glass Craft Association, Mr. Motohiro, said, “The center have equipment that are comparable to those in Japan and I felt that it is appropriate, base in the south pacific countries.”
He also mentioned that they would like to introduce the activities and achievements of Palau throughout Japan to help revitalize eco-glass industry in Japan.

“It is also very meaningful as an environmental awareness program to convert waste glass and other materials into something of value with glass crafting”, said Mr. Yokomizo, who joined the mission from Sanda city with his colleague Mr. Tsujishita.

The duration of this project is three years.
The activities of glass making are widely open to the Public.

If you would like to know more details, please contact the Eco glass Center.
Koror State Waste Management Office: ((680) 488-8076 / 488-8077)

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