Two more hanging outside the EEZ

Another Chinese spy vessel entered Palau’s Exclusive Economic Zone on July 30th after it was tracked heading toward Palau’s EEZ on July 25th.  The vessel, Yuan Wang 5, a spacecraft tracking ship, entered Palau’s EEZ without permission heading to within 90 nautical miles of Southwest Islands.

The vessel left Palau’s EEZ on July 31st, heading toward Indonesia.  It was due to arrive in Sri Lanka on August 11, but the Sri Lankan government denied the ship’s port call, asking it to postpone until after consultations.

Meanwhile, two more Chinese research vessels are hovering close to Palau’s EEZ in the high seas pocket between Palau and the Philippines.  The vessels are reported going back and forth in a lateral pattern, “as if laying something down on the ocean floor.”

Bureau of Public Safety Director Aguon confirmed the report saying that the ships are close to Palau’s boundary and they are being monitored.

Unpermitted excursions of the People’s Republic of China’s high-tech research and spy ships have been occurring in Palau waters every year.  In December last year, the Chinese research vessel also entered and was in Palau waters for nearly a week without permission.

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