By: L.N. Reklai

June 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau) An investor and benefactor of Angaur State Mr. Li Zheng Quian of the HK Heaven and Earth Investment Group, yesterday donated 45 cases of cooking to the people Angaur through their State government.


“This is a lot,” said Governor Uehara.  “These may supply people of Angaur for months.”

This is not the first time that Mr. Quian has been helping Angaur and its people. According to former Governor Ngirutang, Mr. Quian has donated school equipment and supplies and air conditions as well as computers to Angaur Elementary school in the past couple of years.  He had also provided bicycles for the community, shoes for kids and other support for the Angaur local community.

Mr. Quian through the interpreter stated that when he first came to Angaur many years ago, he saw something special about it. He said, he has been working for many many years with different state leadership to find the best investment that will be good for them and for business.

“We had to scale back our first design to accommodate the wishes of the people of Angaur. We want them to be part of the investment and therefore, their approval is very important,” he added.

Mr. Quian was extensively vetted by Angaur leadership, including Senator Camsek Chin, Senator Akitaya, Chiefs of Angaur  according to former Governor Ngirutang.  In addition, Mr. Quian has the support of his government to invest in Palau.

“We’ve been burned by many investors before and we did not want to accept just anyone,” stated former Governor Ngirutang.

Mr.Quian is seeking to invest in high quality retirement vacation complex for well-to-do retired Chinese.  The proposal is for a hotel/medical facility for well-to-do retired Chinese to spend time at for health and recuperation purposes.

Among some of the benefits of the proposed facility is to build a solar power source and water source to be used by the facility and shared with the Angaur community. [/restrict]