By : L.N. Reklai

June 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Regina IV, Angaur main public boat transport is inoperable and the boat repair company refused to honor their warranty, this according to Angaur Governor Ken Uyehara yesterday.


Colorado Shipyard, a ship repair company based in Cebu, Philippines, was one of the two companies that submitted a bid for the overhaul and repair Angaur’s Regina IV for over $450,000 dollars. The other bidder, a local company, did not win the bid due to inability to put up bond for the bid.

“They’ve sent at three different time engineers to come and repair the engine.  The last two took it apart and were unable to put it back together.  They were going to replace the engine with a new caterpillar engine, but after seeing the cost, they now refused to do anything,” reported Governor Uyehara.

This company was awarded the bid because they’ve also done work here in Palau, work on PSS Remeliik, live-a-boards and yachts according to Governor Uyehara.

Asked why this was different, Governor replied that this time, they refused to work while the Angaur contracted inspectors were there.  “When they did work for other customers here in Palau, their engineers were there with them but our project they refused our engineers,” he added.

According to the Governor, they have a strong case against this company.  “They signed the contract after they have inspected the boat.  They knew the condition before they agreed and signed the contract including the warranty.”

At the moment though, they are thinking about it because, according to their attorney, even if they win the case, they have no way of enforcing it because the company is not here in Palau and have no assets here.

In the meantime, Governor Uyehara is withholding remaining payment of about $45,000 from the company.  “They have not fulfilled the term of their contract and I am not obligated to pay them,” stated Uyehara.  [/restrict]