The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has already identified the suspect behind the leaked police files online but authorities have refused to divulge the name of the suspect, saying it might jeopardize the investigation.

In a press statement sent to the media, the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS), which is under the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), stated that it had tasked the CID to dig into the incident which has led into the identification of a suspect.

“Once the investigation is done and a report is out, this individual/suspect will be dealt with harshly through disciplinary action,” the statement reads.

The leaked police files were composed of grisly photos of a young man that was killed in an incident late last month in Ngerkesoaul.

The deceased young man in the photos was identified as McClain Omdasu Isidoro, who died recently after he was allegedly repeatedly struck with a concrete block on his head and other parts of his body. The alleged perpetrator, identified as Riley Ngiraremiang, had just pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder in the second degree during an arraignment held on January 28. The court set a cash bail at $1,000 for the defendant.

“These posted photos taken at a crime scene are pictures of the victim depicting the extent of injuries sustained which are evidence and as such, should have been preserved and their integrity maintained as property of the Bureau of Public Safety for obvious reasons — evidence, and these gruesome photos were not meant to be exposed to the mass public,” the statement reads.

The MOJ also expressed its disapproval of the sharing and posting of the photos as this affects the family of the victim and the community as a whole and might exposed minors to violent acts. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)