President Surangel Whipps Jr. on Nov. 2, signed into law RPPL 11-26 which  the immigration law that provides reciprocity on citizens of FSM , RMI and US. 

“Section 2, 3, 4 implements a policy  decision to grant citizens of the United States, FSM and RMI the benefits exercised by Palauans when  entering or working in those respective countries. In doing so this legislation recognizes and foster’s the special relationship shared by these nations under the Compact of Free Association with the United States.”

THE president said he is supporting the legislation  and reaffirms that the change will still ensure integrity of  country’s border which is secured by the United States. 

The new bill also encourages the US, RMI and FSM to fill vacancies in workforce ,

 Lawmakers has called for the  exemption of FSM, RMI and US citizens from fees and visa requirements for foreign workers  and according o the committee that endorsed the bill said they  believe that  the stature is “a common sense measure to make employment of citizens from three countries with which Palau has a special relationship more equitable and fair.”

The committee said that under the  Compact of Free Association , there is a reciprocal right for citizens of one country to live and work in the other.

Palau, FSM an dRMI citizens can work and live freely in the US without having to obtain a visa.

The  new ale will make citizens of US, FSM and RMI on each footing with Palauans in the United States. (Island Times)

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