Civil society organizations in Palau held virtual meeting with UN Resident Ambassador and UN Resident Coordinator on June 11th, to look at ways to deepen the cooperation between civil society, government and the UN in order to advance Palau’s development goals.
Looking into the next 18 months, civil society was asked to identify what gaps need to be bridged in order to address climate change and disaster resilience, gender equality, inclusive economic empowerment, equitable basic services, governance and community engagement and human rights.
One of the major gaps voiced by civil society is the poor flow of information between government and civil society. Such gap creates redundancy, poor utilization of resources, restriction of the flow of services to the community, especially the most vulnerable members of society and poor delivery of services.
The civil society organizations represented include organizations such as Palau Chamber of Commerce, Dikesel Belau, Palau Red Cross Society, Omekesang, LAIIB Organization, Kotel a Deuerreng, Palau Conservation Society, Palau Community Action Agency, Belau Association of NGOs, Palau Media Council and others, covering nearly every aspect of Palau’s population and service.
All of the organizations are non-profits with mandates to serve certain segments and needs within the communities from ground up. Most are designed to serve the most vulnerable such as Omekesang, Kotel a Deuerreng, Palau Red Cross, PCS and LAIIB.
To truly impact change, implement national goals, members of the civil society express that they should have a seat at the decision-making table(inclusivity), and that information flow between government and civil societies must be improved. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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